Cleaning: Spray Bottles Child-Sized See-Thru Colored & Clear with Trigger Sprayer Item# P9873


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Our see-through colored trigger spray bottles (P9873) make it easy to color-code various classroom activities with very inviting luminous colors that attract the eye. Utilizes a sprayer that children will be able to manipulate. Comes in assorted colors of red, dark blue, light blue, green, clear (not pictured), and tangerine. Colors are subject to change. If your first choice is not available we will substitute. 7-1/2" H, Holds 10 oz. Price is for one spray bottle.

Sized smaller at approximately 6-1/2"H, our easy to use small appealing Shell design is durable and is an excellent choice for children. The trigger Sprayer is easy for children to manipulate. Holds approx. 11 oz. Lovely colors are bound to attract the child! Sorry, Shell design is not pictured.

The specially designed high quality trigger
sprayer has a textured base that makes it easy to tighten and loosen when adding liquid or cleaning it for a new use. The trigger is ergonomically designed to simplify use. This bottle
is durable and has a vintage look, making it very appealing.