Continent Map: Australia Knobbed Puzzle

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Exclusive design crafted from excellent quality 3/8” thick hardwood for years of classroom use at an affordable price! Purposely made a little smaller than most manufacturers, one child can easily carry each map, yet the knobbed puzzle pieces are large enough to make it a concrete learning experience. Vibrant, non-toxic, scratch resistant colors and a smooth lacquer finish, these puzzles have been engineered for durability as well as aesthetics. These puzzles are produced using a printing process, which allows capture of more border and coastline detail than is achieved in hand-painted versions. Moreover, a printing process allows volume production and more efficient manufacture, and you reap the cost savings.

Puzzles measure 19-5/8 x 14-5/8 x 3/8” thick. Knobs are placed on the capitals of their respective countries.