Alphabet Miniature Objects: 134 Beginning Letter Objects with Labels with or without Cabinet Item# L10101K


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For an image of a few of the language objects and labels included in this kit
Connecting items to  initial sound/letters  that represent them will be a cinch with our comprehensive set. 

Packed with tons of adorable, quality miniature objects representing each initial letter/sound of the alphabet (with the exception x which may be at the end of the word) and matching laminated word cards, (3-9 objects per letter, 134 total objects) and a laminated alphabet card. Beginning vowels include both short and long sounds.

With L1010K, You get a 24-drawer cabinet with labels and easy to pull-out drawers for storing and organizing of all of the objects. They have been organized alphabetically into drawers for instant access. The child simply pulls out the particular sound drawer with the objects to take to his/her work area.  Also available is set with NO Cabinet.  Choose from Drop Down (L10101K_SET_NO CABINET).

Both short and long beginning vowel objects are included. So as not to confuse children, No objects for soft c, hard g  or for  beginning blends and digraphs are included unlike other sets on the market.

The majority of objects are different minis from our beginning sound sets I &II (L0305K, L2546K).

Objects emphasis is for beginning letters but also can be used for medial vowels, ending consonants, blends, digraphs, dipthongs, rhymes, and more thereby extending the value of this kit even more! Many of the objects can also be used for different words such as infant for baby. Objects may vary depending upon availability.

For an image of a few language objects and labels.

WARNING Choking Hazard - Small Parts