Mat: Waterproof Translucent Sets


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A fabulous alternative to vinyl mats (Plus Lead Free and Prettier!) The colored mats allow you to color-code your practical life activities. Made of a lightweight, flexible and durable polypropylene material.

Flexible plastic mats are designed to work anywhere. They protect countertops, tables, wood cutting boards and catches drips under dish drainers... Place on any surface to provide an extra layer of protection. When finished, fold and pour contents.

Smaller 11 x 9" mat fits inside Fast Food Tray (P1480). Larger 11 x 15" mat is perfect under our dish drainer (P8848). Store mats flat. Dishwasher safe, easy to wipe mats are offered in all white sets of 3 as well as in a set of colored mats. Current colors are Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Tangerine, White but may vary.

Colored mats measure 11 x 9".
White mats available in two sizes 11 x 9" and 11 x 15"

Note: The "white" flexible boards are clear with a slight white tint. Surfaces behind the board will be seen through the board.