Bird Feet Dough Stamps & Cards

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Stamp away! These fun wooden bird feet play dough stamps are a great way to build fine-motor skills, engage their sensory craving and to dig into some interesting bird study. So many different shapes and forms — it’s fantastic feathered fun!

Wooden Bird Feet Stamps include a set of 6 different bird feet - carefully chosen after much research to represent birds from various habitats - wading feet, swimming feed, perching feet, grasping feet, scratching feet and climbing feet.

The beautiful laminated cards offer additional educational experience with information provided about each of the bird's feet explaining the form and function of each feet type along with examples of birds with those feet type. Each wooden feet stamper can be matched to the card.

Made of high-quality alder· Eco-friendly and sustain ably-sourced wood· Danish oil finish· Tested and CPSC approved and compliant.