Advanced Language Lessons for the Early Readers in Your Classroom

Advanced Language Lessons for the Early Readers in Your Classroom

Jan 25, '23

Phonemic Awareness

Throughout the school year, the language area of the classroom is bound to be packed with rugs full of phonemic awareness lessons. Whether you are a new classroom establishing your object collection, or a well established school looking for new interesting objects, we've got you covered at Montessori N' Such.

Easily add to your supply with the A-Z Objects collection. This set includes 26 objects that relate to each letter of the alphabet. With two separate sets, you can easily change up the objects to add interest or replace an item that may disappear in a toddler's pocket.

Digraphs and Blends

Digraphs and blends are important parts of language that lead to fluent reading skills. They also help children feel more confident when dissecting words they come across when decoding new text.


Once the child has practiced learning the two letter sounds, they can begin to match the sounds they hear to objects with those blends. Including this Bag of Blends Set is a great way to help children practice this skill. This kit includes objects and tiles that match the following blend sounds: br, ch, cl, cr, fl.

Looking for more "S" related blends? This kit has objects that match the blends of : sh, sn, sp, st, tr

Children will love matching the sounds and objects together. This is also a lesson that can be taught to multiple children at the same level. The children can then be left to work on their own to continue their blending sounds practice. If the pair works well together, they could also become reading buddies for continued reading practice.

Continue to add to your blend supply with two more kits. Each kit comes with a variety of objects and wooden tiles that will last for years of heavy classroom use. We have sets that focus on the blends of: gr, dr, bl, fr, sk and br, ch, cl, cr, fl.

No matter what level the children are in your classroom, using objects can bring joy to your language lessons. Encourage deeper learning with this week's worksheet that focuses on the blends of sh, sn, sp, st.


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