Bzzz...Woof...Roar.....Splash! Check out the animal works!

Bzzz...Woof...Roar.....Splash! Check out the animal works!

Jun 22, '22

Our animal figurines and puzzles are back in stock just in time for summer!

Animal Puzzles
Now is the perfect time to change up the curriculum in the classroom. Adding puzzles to the shelf is a simple and effective way to add interest back to the science and culture section of the room. Here are some of our picks for the classroom.


hippo puzzles


The Hippo Family Puzzle and Dog Puzzle are two of our favorites for the toddler classroom. These chunky wooden pieces are beautifully crafted out of colored wood. They can be used in the frame or outside on a flat surface.


animal puzzle

Once the toddlers in your classroom or home are ready for a bigger challenge, add this Toddler Animal Mania Puzzle to your collection. The wooden pieces fit into each other in a specific pattern within a wooden frame. Most can also stand on their own. Check out our instagram reel of this puzzle in action.

Animals From Across the Globe

When studying the different cultures of the world, children love exploring the unique animals found on each continent. Now is the time to replace and replenish the supply in your classroom.

 We have separate animal collections for each continent. Check them out here: Antarctica, North America, South America, Europe, Australia. While we don't have an Africa set quite yet, this set includes many of the animals you would find on the continent of Africa. Some sets come with beautiful wooden three part cards!


If you are looking to offer a variety of animals with three part card matching to your shelves, try out this set of Animals 3-Part Wood Tiles with Objects. Because of the variety of animals included, this can be a part of your shelf for a majority of the year.

Animal Tonging / Transferring

While you change up the science shelf, add some variety to Practical Life section as well. 

We love this Hexagon Beehive/ Bee Tonging activity. The little bees are inviting and require practice and skill to move from beehive to beehive. Or add a Frog and Lily Pad Transfer Kit to the shelf for continued tonging practice.

This week's worksheet is a fun bee matching game that relates the the tonging activity

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