Explore our New Infant and Toddler Product Line

Explore our New Infant and Toddler Product Line

May 10, '24

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest endeavor: a line of Montessori-inspired products specifically designed for infant and toddlers! Our infant and toddler materials encourage exploration, foster independence, and promote holistic development. Each item is thoughtfully designed to support key areas of toddler development, including fine and gross motor skills, sensory experiences, language development, and cognitive growth. By offering both close-ended and open-ended play experiences, our materials provide diverse opportunities for learning and growth.

Close-ended activities, like the Montessori Egg Cup, offer structured challenges that encourage problem-solving and goal-oriented thinking. In the beginning, children will enjoy the simple act of banging the pieces together, but through trial-and-error, they master the art of picking up and emptying the cup, eventually using both hands to place the egg back inside. 

The Spinning Drum, adorned with a mirror and vibrant hues, sparks sensory adventures, nurturing cognitive growth through delightful play. Together, a mix of both play experiences supports the development of essential skills while nurturing children's natural curiosity and imagination.


Our Object Permanence Box comes with both wooden and rubber balls that will thrill young learners as they watch them roll down the ramp after being placed in the hole. The Permanence Box with Lid and Cylinders, which features wooden cylinders of varying sizes, encourages size and shape matching skills. As children pull out the yellow wooden tab and drop the pegs into the box, they love the cause-and-effect play and the satisfying sound of the wooden pegs falling inside.

We also offer materials for open-ended play. Toddlers delight in the vibrant world of colors, and our Rainbow Rings provide the perfect avenue for exploration. Constructed with an assortment of wooden rings, balls, base, and transparent tube, the rings allow children to practice stacking, containing, and coordination, while enhancing fine motor skills and visual tracking.


Knob Puzzles are the ideal "first" puzzles for infants and toddlers.  This set of knobbed puzzles comes with three circular puzzles, each with a slot in the base for the included interchangeable image cards.  These puzzles will keep your child engaged and curious.

Enhance your child's sensory development with our interactive handkerchief box! This durable wooden box with a lock is designed to engage children in pulling out cloth pieces one by one, allowing them to explore different textures and materials. As they practice their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, their tactile sense and cognitive abilities are also being developed.

This wooden puzzle is designed for toddlers to develop hand-eye coordination and visual perception skills. The multiple circle shape puzzle is a great hands-on learning tool for the classroom, home or early childhood development. The Shapes and Rainbow Color Stacker provides wonderful tactile experience with a future concept to cover colors, shapes, shape names, and counting. 

Children will learn through exploring various common shapes with The Split Block Puzzle is a simple toddler puzzle using common shapes triangle, circle and square. The triangle puzzle shape fitting is something your child can grow with. As a young toddler just taking the wooden pieces off the base will be a fun and engaging material. Later your child will learn about building the puzzle, colors and common shapes. 

Watch the cars race down the track - flip over and race down the next stage, then do it all again…..and again…..and again. Children get to watch their cars flip over one another as they come racing down! The Wooden Slide Racer is a fantastic opportunity for fun and engaging toy that helps to develop visual tracking skills - a precursor to reading. 

Cylinder Blocks are a Montessori Sensorial material used to develop visual discrimination of size. This colorful cylinder blocks is a simplified version of the ones used in the 3-6 classroom. The five cylinders progress in diameter from small to large. 

Infant and toddlers are born scientist – they are discoverers and explorers – curious about everything, but they don’t want to be told anything. The best way to support this exploration is offering learning materials that the toddler can explore, experiment, and discover without adult support. This inserting and dropping box is 2 activities in 1; switch up the lids to "plant" the carrots or drop the coins into the box.

Unlocking boxes are an important problem solving and engaging activity to explore! Get the unlocking box that has several different type of locks presented on one material or purchase the set of six wooden lock boxes which is ideal for developing fine motor skills. learning shape, color, and spatial relationships. Use this set together or have just one wooden box at a time. 

Children will enjoy exploring, hypothesizing and observing the concept of weight with this simply designed first scale. This product is designed for ages 2+. 

The counting peg box will be a favorite. This is a great counting toll to connect number symbols to quantity. Change out the number cards to feed the panda bamboo shoots. Then pull the lever to have them fall into the drawer. 

It is important to introduce toddlers to prepositions, words such as on, in, under. This allows the toddler to expand their language development. When toddler age children understand these prepositions, they can begin to play more interactive games and follow more complex directions. This adorable felt learning board includes a cat with three orange pockets in different positions to build on positional language. 

There are more Infant and Toddler Materials to Explore. Check out our full new catalog here

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