Happy First Day of Fall! Check out these New Fall Works!

Happy First Day of Fall! Check out these New Fall Works!

Sep 22, '22

"Let us leave the life free to develop within the limits of the good, and let us observe this inner life developing. This is the whole of our mission.”
-Maria Montessori

Fall is Here

Today marks the beginning of fall, and while the temperatures may not fully make us sweater ready, there are lots of things you can do to add some variety to your classroom shelves.

Leaves counting

The Fall Counting and Sorting Acrylic Beads are a wonderful way to help your students practice counting and sorting. This activity comes with a plastic leaf tray and twenty-one beautiful fall acrylic gems. These gems include leaves, acorns and pumpkins in a variety of fall colors. It's the perfect addition to your math shelf.

While we are in the math area, why not include some apple counting works?

apple counting

This apple counting work comes with twenty-one durable mini apples in red and green. The work is perfect to pair with an apple slicing lesson within a larger unit study of apples.

Fall Sorting Activities

Add some variety to your practical life and science shelf with fall sorting activities.

leaf sorting

This leaf sorting kit includes a variety of beautiful acrylic leaves and a wooden tray that is perfect for the activity. While you are exploring leaves with your students, add additional tree lessons with the tree three-part cards with objects and tree bark and grain photo cards.


Fall is a great time of year to learn all about pumpkins. From pumpkin washing in big blue bins to seed counting and roasting, there are endless activities you can include in your pumpkin curriculum this fall.

5 little pumpkins short vowel sort

This activity coincides with the 5 little pumpkins song. Within each pumpkin is a different laminated vowel card. Children are invited to sort the items by short vowel sound into each of the pumpkins. This language activity is sure to be a hit on the shelf in your classroom.

This week's worksheet is a fun apple counting activity.

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