New Food Prep Activities Have Arrived

New Food Prep Activities Have Arrived

Jun 1, '22

"The exercises of practical life are formative activities, a work of adaptation to the environment. Such adaptation to the environment and efficient functioning therein is the very essence of a useful education." 
Maria Montessori

After two years full of concern about germs, we are happy to welcome back the activity of food preparation to the Montessori classroom. We have created a variety of food activities on Montessori N' Such for your students to enjoy. Let's explore them.

Young Chef Skill #1: Peeling Vegetables
When preparing vegetables, an important skill for young chefs to learn is how to peel.



When including a peeling work on the practical life shelf, be sure to provide a peeler that is easy for a child to hold and use. Peelers should need minimal force to get the job done. Dull peelers can lead to a child using too much force and run the risk of hurting themselves.



This Veggie Peel, Cut and Serve Kit  gives young chefs everything they need to become successful at the skills of peeling and cutting carrots. The peeler is sharp, allowing ribbons of vegetable to come off easily.


Young Chef Skill # 2 Mashing Fruits and Vegetables

Do you have any avocado or banana toast fans in your classroom or home? Teaching children how to successfully mash bananas and avocados on their own can foster their independence in the kitchen.

This Mashing Food Preparation Kit is perfect for teaching children how to mash up avocado, bananas or potatoes. Children will love using the masher and scraper to make their breakfast or next snack. Plus, this activity is easy for the younger members of your classroom or home to use.


Inviting your children to join you with food preparation will make them excited about eating and trying new things from the kitchen. We will continue to highlight more cooking skills in the next few newsletters, but feel free to check out all of the food preparation kits and products currently available on Montessori N' Such.

Veggie Peel and Cut Sequencing Cards

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