Sharpen Your Students Food Prep Skills

Sharpen Your Students Food Prep Skills

May 10, '23

Inspire the Chefs in Your Classroom

Food preparation connects children to the food they eat and nurtures their sense of order, coordination and independence. Rekindle the excitement around food preparation this spring with these wonderful activities!

These lessons are an important part of the Practical Life area of the classroom and provide an opportunity for children to practice a wide range of skills. Before preparing food, the children learn how to properly wash their hands and prepare their space. During the food preparation exercise, they learn the skills necessary to carefully navigate using the various tools they will need to be successful in preparing food.

At Montessori N’ Such we have searched far and wide to find kitchen tools that are perfectly sized for small hands, so they can do the work with ease. We also made sure to test out the tools to make sure they actually work! As all Montessori teachers know, there is nothing worse than a tool that looks pretty but is unusable by a child.

Here are some of our favorite food preparation kits and tools:

Fruit Slicing is a favorite year round and can be paired with spreading nut butter or a larger classroom baking lesson.

When is the last time you enjoyed freshly squeezed juice? Whether you are gathering delicious citrus from your school's garden or bringing in a crate of oranges for snack time, a juicing activity is a great way for children to work on refining their fine motor skills. This juicer is heavy duty yet easy for small hands to use.

Carrot peeling is a wonderful exercise that can lead to young chefs helping with future baking activities. Encourage the refinement of this skill by providing children opportunities to practice peeling and chopping carrots in the classroom.

Looking to simply upgrade your food preparation toolkit? We love this set of knives, spreaders, and wavy cutters. They are the perfect way to give toddlers and preschoolers safe ways to practice their skills of cutting, spreading and chopping.

This week's worksheet is a big to small veggie and fruit photo matching activity!

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