U.S.A. Play! Celebrating Independence with Fun and Games

U.S.A. Play! Celebrating Independence with Fun and Games

Jul 3, '24

As the fireworks light up the sky and we celebrate the birth of our nation, we want to wish you all a very Happy 4th of July! It's a time to come together with family and friends, enjoy BBQs, parades, and, of course, some engaging activities that make this day special. To make your Independence Day even more exciting, we've got a fantastic selection of puzzles and games that are perfect for all ages. Our selection of puzzles include our American Flag Jigsaw Puzzle, our World Puzzle, our Solar System Puzzle, and our Leaf Puzzle.

Did you know that memory games are a fantastic tool for children to develop their cooperative skills? Playing these games helps children learn how to take turns, share, and work together towards a common goal. Our Leaves Memory Game and Animal Tracks Memory Game are a great way to encourage teamwork and communication while having a blast.

 We also have a selection of high-quality 3-part cards, and we're thrilled to share that they are proudly made in the USA! You can choose from our Shapes 3-Part Cards, North America 3-Part Cards, South America 3-Part Cards, Number 3-Part Cards, and our Animals 3-Part Cards.

Lastly, enjoy our FREE PRINTABLE where children can cut out each state and glue them to a map template!

We hope you enjoyed our newsletter and found inspiration for a fantastic 4th of July celebration!

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