Winter Classroom Activities

Winter Classroom Activities

Jan 6, '22

2022 is here and we are in the midst of winter. As classes return for the new year, there is no better time than now to add some fun winter themed activities.

Practice Putting on Mittens and Gloves

If you live in a colder environment, chances are that your playground transition routine has changed. As the temperatures get colder, children will come to school with a variety of cold weather clothes they will need assistance with.

Make the transition to the playground simpler by adding a basket of mittens to the practical life shelf. Through a guided lesson, the child will learn how to put a mitten on their hand, making sure that the thumb and fingers are in the proper spot. Keeping this on the shelf gives children the opportunity to practice this skill whenever they would like.

For a bigger challenge, add a basket of gloves to the practical life shelf as well. Getting each finger into the proper finger hole is very tricky. Any opportunity for children to practice this skill will make it easier for them to do it when they need to. Plus, this practice will foster independence and help make the time outside more fun for the children since you eliminate frustration through teaching children how to take care of these needs on their own.

If a child gets really good at putting on gloves and mittens, invite them to help others during playground transition time. They will gain confidence in this skill and feel proud that they were able to help others.

Mitten Matching
You can relate this work to mitten sorting works throughout the classroom. The Glitter Mitten Matching Kit is a simple sorting work that will be enjoyed by toddlers and younger members of the classroom. Through a guided lesson, children will learn how to differentiate between the different mittens in order to create pairs.

A second work to add to the practical life area of the classroom is the Celebrate Winter Mitten Sort & Tong Kit. This work invites children to sort a variety of mittens while using tongs. The tongs add an additional level of complexity to the work, as children need to have a firm grasp in order to manipulate the tongs.

All of the above lessons on mittens help children develop their fine motor skills and foster their independence.

Continue this matching practice with this week’s worksheet…snowflake matching!

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Snowflake Matching Worksheet

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