Position Board Teaching Prepositions


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It is important to introduce toddlers to prepositions, words such as on, in, under. This allows the toddler to expand their language development. When toddler age children understand these prepositions, they can begin to play more interactive games such as hide and go seek. You can give more directions such as place your toy on the shelf, put the blocks in the basket. 

This white and orange cat felt learning board features a cute cat design that will surely capture the attention of children. The felt board comes with three pockets in different positions, encouraging orientation learning in a fun and interactive way. With this toy, kids can help the kittens find their own home. This activity supports the development of positional language. The set includes three felt pieces and one fabric board, providing everything needed for an engaging playtime experience. 

Recommended for ages 18 months + 

Made by Educare, a Beleduc brand.