1-10 Tactile Counting Stones (2 Sets) Item# M10184


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A phenomenal tactile sensation combined with visual recognition and saying/hearing numbers , these unique counting stones provide a multi-sensory number experience. This appealing set of counting stones displays number arrays from 1 to 10.

Kids get to place their finger into each of the indented depressions to count how many holes are on each resin stone. The stones will help children with counting, matching numbers, learning the different ways to represent numbers, subsidizing (the ability to quickly identify numbers of objects without the need to count), and number bonds (creating combinations of 10).

You get 2 of each stone, 20 stones total (two sets of 1-10) to practice . Robust and tactile, Made from a unique stone mix, they are durable for use in sand, water and outside. Stones measure approx. 3" in length.

As a counting extension our “pearls” fit perfectly into each hole, sold separately. Includes a package of 60 pearls (not pictured).