Phonemic Awareness_ Articulation Kit: Objects and Laminated Letters for Forming Sounds


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A huge collection of thought provoking objects. This collection is perfect to begin practicing auditory discrimination activities. It is important to practice letter sounds without the symbols. Children practice listening for sounds in the beginning, middle, or end. 

Through this activity young children will build phonemic awareness and begin to make connections with sound relationships in words. This collection of objects can be used with the sandpaper letters, moveable alphabet or just stand alone practice of identifying the location of sounds within words. 

This Kit Includes: 

  • 130 Phonetic based Objects
  • 13 Different Sounds (b,c,d,f,g,h,l,m,n,p,s,t,w)
  • 10 objects for each letter sound including beginning, middle & end
  • Each sound is package in separate bag with labels and guide included

Objects may vary from that pictured. This activity is for children 3+. 

Please note that photos only shows a few example letters & objects.