Classification Science: All 3: Living/Non-Living, Plant/Animal, Vertebrate/Invertebrate


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These Montessori kits provide a fun way to teach children to distinguish between objects that are: living or non-living, plants or animals, have backbones or not. Each set includes three coconut containers, miniatures, blue plastic tray, and laminated labels with Living and Non Living, Plant and Animal Kits and vertebrate and invertebrate. Items vary depending upon availability.

KN5694 All Three Science Classification Kits

N2872K Living/Non Living Kit (14 miniatures) Laminated Labels

N5693K Plant/Animal Kit (14 miniatures) Laminated Labels

N10274K Vertebrate/Invertebrate Kit (14 miniatures) Laminated Labels

You get All 3 Kits. Kits come with 1 blue plastic tray and three coconut bowls. Items may vary.