Gift Guide Ages 3 and 4

Ready to Celebrate?

We have pulled our favorite toys for 3 and 4 year olds. These toys have proven to keep your child engaged in learning!

Nest & Dress Skills Cloth Dolls

The set of five culturally diverse cloth dolls are perfect for hands to zip, button, snap, velcro and lace/tie. 

Wooden Screw Driver Board

The wooden screw driver board has unlimited learning potential. This board can be used to work on fine motor development by screwing with just fingers to practice the pincer grip used for writing.

Multi-Layer Nesting Wood Geo Shape Puzzle

Our layered shape puzzle is colorful and instructive, increases concentration and creativity plus the concept of smallest to largest. 

Knife Sequence Kit

Toddlers and preschoolers will feel great pride as they learn to slice and cut. This is the perfect holiday gift! 

Hammer Away Cork Board Set

Build and create using this cork board and shape set. Children will enjoy hammering to create pictures. This is designed for ages 4+.

Smooth, Rubbery Rainbow Pebbles w/ Activity Cards

Children will enjoy this wonderful tactile and creative experience. The smooth rubbery pebbles are fun to experiment with stacking and creating. This product come with activity cards to get children started. Designed for ages 3+. 

Cutting Set Fruit Puzzle & Cutting Board

Young children will enjoy putting this puzzle together. Older children will enjoy the challenge of cutting the fruits. The nice part is that every fruit has a "home" and the puzzle will help keep this activity organized. 


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