New Classroom Consultation

Custom Ordering for New Classroom Development

Are you opening a new classroom or a new school? It can be overwhelming to know where to purchase and what to purchase. Let us help you. 

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I am a trained montessori educator and I was a head of school for an independent Montessori school for nine years. I have opened new classrooms and know how difficult it can be to get all the materials. Montessori n' Such makes it easier by first talking with you about your unique needs for the new classroom. Then designing a classroom package that supports your unique needs. 

Our Services 

Classroom packages can save you time and money, however not every package is able to support your unique needs. This service provides you discount bulk pricing, while customizing to your style and needs. 

Trays, Containers and Montessori Rug Package

Our custom made wooden and plastic trays are designed for young children. These sturdy light weight options will be perfect for your classroom set up. Our Montessori work rugs are tightly woven by hand in India and the cotton work rug is strong and durable. The rugs roll easily and lie flat when unrolled. 

Practical Life Package 

The practical life area of the classroom is more than just a shelf. This is the heart and function of a Montessori classroom. If you are opening a toddler classroom or 3-6 classroom the cups, plates, glasses, sponges, scrubbers, containers, wash bins, pitchers, knives, spreaders, etc. Are an important part of the functionality of the independent classroom experience. Montessori n' Such has been specializing in sourcing high quality child friendly practical life tools since 1993 and we are happy to customize this package to work for you. Glass and non-glass options are available. 

Language Package

This package is specifically for the 3-6 Montessori classroom. The preschool age child is in a sensitive period for language development. The young children love sorting and manipulating objects for early language learning. Montessori n' Such specializes in providing phonetic based objects for A-Z practice, sound boxes, rhyming objects, short vowel sounds, etc. This package will provide you with several object language materials ready for children to explore early to advanced language skills.