Montessori n' Such is happy to announce that we are opening our warehouse to the public on June 14-16th. This fun event will coincide with the town of Arcanum, Ohio's Garage Sale and Grub event. There will be various food trucks and garage sales, so be prepared to eat and shop! 

At the Montessori N' Such Warehouse, we will have a selection of sale items, trays, containers and parts for Montessori materials. Join us for this amazing opportunity! 


Date: June 14- 16, 2023

Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm daily

Location: 1 Pop Rite Dr. Door 11 Arcanum, OH 45304

Thank you for visiting our warehouse for this once a year opportunity to get some great deals! 

If you have additional questions about this event send an email to info@montessori-n-such.com or call us at 239-690-3010.