We Are Hiring!

We are looking for a writer/ editor who can write crisp, fun, informative articles for a Montessori N' Such specializing in educational materials for schools.

The deliverable is a weekly e-newsletter that will be distributed by us to our email list of 30K followers and will be posted on our company’s blog. Articles suggestions will include:

  • Product highlights
  • Trends
  • How To's
  • Information about Montessori & early childhood education
  • Create Free Printables for Montessori classrooms 

Ideal candidate should be comfortable writing and researching topics, pitching ideas, curating content from around the web and crafting it together in an appealing format. Bi-weekly virtual meetings to discuss upcoming topics and marketing strategy. Hours are about 5 hours per week. 

If you are interested in this position please send an email to info@montesori-n-such.com with the subject line "Montessori Newsletter" and please include your resume. Thank you for your interest in supporting Montessori N' Such.