Montessori Walking on the Line Ellipse Rugs


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No muss, no fuss, no more bothering with the task of making a taped shape for walking on the line!

Our Seaside Blue rug with a creme line is available in circle, ellipse and rectangle shapes in various sizes.

Walking on the line is an important part of the classroom for developing more body awareness, learning to walking around tables and rugs, increasing large motor development, and a level of classroom serenity and calmness!

The rug is also perfect for classroom line-time creating a special place for children to gather for discussions, lessons and sharing.

Rugs are shipped oversized directly from the factory, delivery time is approximately 3-5 weeks from order date.

These rugs are manufactured to perform in demanding commercial indoor environments. They are ideal for the early childhood learning environment. Premium quality nylon construction combined with state of the art printing ensures superb durability, resilience, and beauty. Our rug collection is extremely stain and bleach-resistant and rates class I flammability.

Rug is approximately 5'4" x 7'8"

Purchase includes: 10 year wear warranty (warranty voided by the use of improper cleaning agents or methods)

Lifetime Antistatic Protection

Lifetime Antimcrobial Protection

Lifetime Soil and Stain Protection

100% High Twist Premium Nylon

2-Ply Heat Set Yarn

Tuffted Cut Pile Construction

Indoor Air Quality Certified High Fiber Density

Tips for cleaning Hands Around The World rugs are listed below:

1. Clean with approved powdered dry cleaning products

2. Spot test a small area before using on a larger area

3. Always blot when cleaning, scrub or rub gently. More aggressive scrubing may create a fuzzy area.

4. NEVER vacuum over serge (this is NOT covered under warranty). It can cause serge yarn to become raveled, worn looking and torn. Avoid contact of serging with sharp or rough objects.

5. Do NOT use Bonnet System cleaning products.

6. Do Not permeate carpet with wet solution.


P9437 Ellipse 10'9" x 13'2" 

P9436 Ellipse 7'8" x 10'9" 

P9435 Ellipse 5'4" x 7'8"