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Stools come in two sizes, a 6.5"(H) for toddlers and a slightly taller 11"(H) stool for preschoolers. Inspired by the stools originally ideated by RIE founder Magda Gerber, they allow children freedom of movement that regular chairs do not. Infants and toddlers also use the stools as play surfaces.

The Magda Stools are perfectly suited for young children since they do not need a back support. Pairs with RAD Toddler Height Tables and RAD Preschool Height Tables.

The RAD Grow Stool serves as a stepping stone, which includes stool top and bottom and 1 set of toddler height dowels and 1 set of preschool height dowels, screws and tool for assembly. 

This product ships assembled. No tools are required.

Made from 13-ply Sustainable Formaldehyde-free Euro Birch which is both durable and attractive. 

Toddler Magda Stool: 11.25" (Diameter) x 6.5" (H); 5 lbs

Preschool Magda Stool: 11.25" (Diameter) x 11" (H); 7 lbs.

RAD Grow Stool: 11.25" (Diameter) x 6.5" dowels and 11" dowels

Additional shipping charges will be applied to this order. The Magda Stool Ships fully assembled. The RAD Grow Stool comes ready to assemble. Reach out by email to to get a quote for shipping. Ships in 3-4 weeks.