Wooden Screw Driver Board


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This wooden screw driver board has unlimited learning potential. This board can be used to work on fine motor development by screwing with just fingers to practice the pincer grip used for writing. Then as the child builds confidence introduce the tools. Allow the child to problem solve to discover which tool works best for the different types of screws. This practical life activity builds necessary life skills that then can be transferred into real world situations. 

  • Crafted from environmentally friendly, natural wood which is meant to last and sustain repeated use. The smooth corners and edges make it safe for children. 
  • Develops fine motor and problem solving skills. 
  • Works on a practical life skill that can be transferred to everyday experiences. 
  • Supports focus on concentration on a task with experimentation and problem solving to use the best tool to complete the work. 
  • Container that has compartments for screws and tools. 
  • This material can grow with the child by the introduction of new tools to keep the interest and challenge the child. 
  • This kit includes: Wooden screwdriver board, mini screwdriver, hex key and wrench with 7 different screw inserts. 
  • Dimensions: 8"x3.7"x1.7" Made in China

This material is designed for 3 years+