Birds Out My Window

Birds Out My Window

Feb 8, '24

Last week, we explored the world around our school with a nature walk. Now we will dive in deeper and learn more about one animal we observed on our walks, birds.


Begin your exploration of birds by asking the children in your classroom to brainstorm all the different things they know about birds.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  •  Have you ever watched birds outside your own window?
  •  What types of birds live by your school?
  •  What types of birds live far away from you?
  •  What do you know about birds?

Allow the children to take turns sharing what they know at circle time. They can choose to give an example of a type of bird or describe birds in general. A bird is classified as a vertebrate that is warm-blooded, has feathers, has wings, lays eggs with hard shells and has two legs.

Birds are present in all types of habitats all over the world. To help children begin to recognize the most common types of birds you may come across, use the Bird and Egg Matching set. This set of bird figurines can be used with three part cards or with the I Spy Birds Book worksheet included in this email.

Are there birds that you see in your natural world that are not included in the set or book? Feel free to add them on the last page of the worksheet, or invite the children to draw and label it themselves. Children can add as many pages as they want to as they continue to explore the topic of birds.

Bird Life Cycle
Another way to study birds is through their life cycle. Begin the exploration by asking children if they hatched from eggs. This will often lead to some giggles as the students explain how they were born. Children love learning about eggs and how animals hatch from them. Talk about the different Stages of Life of birds from egg to chicken and how long birds take to move through each stage. Compare it to the slower life cycle of humans.

The theme of birds can be enjoyed by all members in the classroom. Do you have a few little ones in your classroom or program? Get them excited about birds through this Birds and Eggs. This sensorial work is a perfect way to incorporate the theme of birds throughout the classroom. It contains colorful, fun figurines and brightly colored nests that match. Children will enjoy manipulating this wonderful set.

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Click Here to get the "I Spy Bird Book" worksheet.


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