Bring Spring Into the Classroom With Insect Lessons Email

Bring Spring Into the Classroom With Insect Lessons Email

Mar 16, '23
When expanding the science area of your classroom, it is important to include a range of lessons about insects. Insects provide an easy way to dive into the concept of invertebrates, an exciting lesson when studying animals. 
Here are a few of our favorite insects to study and activities to add to your classroom this spring.

 are a beautiful insect to include in your curriculum this spring. Children are naturally interested in these backyard creatures and can easily make connections between the curriculum in their classroom and their natural world. This Butterfly Layer Puzzle is wonderfully crafted and is a great addition to the science shelf as an extension to learning about butterflies.

Ladybugs are a great insect to study when teaching about beetles. They come in a variety of colors and spotted patterns in nature and can easily be added to a wide range of shelves in your classroom. From counting the dots on ladybugs to strengthening little hands with a chunky puzzle, this little bug can make for some versatile work! 
Bees can be a great way to discuss the importance of pollinators in our environment. Bees are vital to our food system and to the beautiful plants we see. After beginning a unit about pollinators at circle, include a demonstration of this bee tonging work. The sweet little bees are painted in a variety of hues for an additional lesson about colors.

Practical life can continue to be updated with this Sewing and Lacing Beehive. This work is inviting with its carved beehive base and "wooden needle". Children will love practicing their early sewing skills with the smooth motion of pulling the string through the holes of the beehive.
Nature Walks are a fantastic way to relate real world discoveries to lessons learned in the classroom. While going on a nature hunt, be sure to provide your students with supplies like baskets and Bug Viewer and Specimen Measuring magnifying glasses.
However you include insects into your curriculum, enjoy exploring nature with your students this spring. 

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