Classroom Set of Montessori Work Rug Giveaway!

Classroom Set of Montessori Work Rug Giveaway!

May 25, '225 comments

Enter to Win a Classroom Set of Montessori Work Rugs!

We must apply these principles to all surrounding objects, starting with the rugs and ending with the vases, dishes and other such things. The child must be able to use everything he comes across in the house and he must be able to do the ordinary tasks of everyday life - sweep, vacuum the rugs, and dress himself."
Maria Montessori

How are Your Rugs Looking?

As all Montessorians know, having the right amount of rugs to fit the needs of your classroom is a key part of classroom management. When a space lacks the quantity and quality rugs that a working room needs, the work of the whole room can suffer.


rug with math work

When looking at rugs to purchase for your classroom or home, make sure the quality is built to last.

Let's face it, as children are learning how to control their movements, they may not always take the best care of the rugs in their space. Our tight woven rugs are built to last. Plus, they are strong enough to stand on their end after a good tight roll.


Rug with geometric Solids


Replace the well used and loved rugs today before the new year starts. You will be happy you did when you come back to your room in the fall. We have a variety of sizes available, as well as two options, natural and blue!

A Variety of Trays For Every Work

When there is actually time in your busy Montessori life to set up new shelves, it can be exciting to match the work to the perfect tray. 


wooden tray with golden bean work


Wooden trays add natural beauty to the shelf, and with a variety of shapes and sizes, they are sure to match all the work in the classroom. For the individuals who love the natural look in their room, now is the time to reinvest in new wooden trays for your room.



wooden tray with natural objects


Looking for the right tray for that specific lesson in your classroom? Our circular trays, sorting trays, and wooden boxes are sure to be the right fit for even the trickiest of lesson setups.


And for the ones who love pops of color in their classroom, we have a variety of colorful trays just for you. Make your shelves stand out naturally by matching the color of the work to a beautiful colored tray.


Try the paper weaving activity then laminate the finished product to make a placemat. This is a great summer craft activity! 

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Elly on Jan 26, '24

Yes please enter me! We’d love the addition of the rugs for our Montessori preschool!

Gerri Jacobs on Oct 13, '23

I would love to win these rugs for my Kindergarten/Tk classroom. Thank you for your consideration

Olga on Dec 8, '22

I would be so happy to win those rugs for my home Montessori school

Joanna on Jul 25, '22

Yes! Please enter me in for a set of new rugs! We’d love to add more Montessori features to our classroom.

Anjana Yonzon on Jun 4, '22

I would really appreciate the rugs. I will be setting up a new classroom this fall and the rugs would help me a lot.

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