International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace

Sep 19, '23

We celebrate the International Day of Peace through a look into Montessori curriculum that fosters relationship building and social emotional learning.


The UN Day of Peace is coming up on September 21st. Montessori Schools from all around the world celebrate this day by singing for peace. The song travels from the eastern shores of New Zealand to the western shores of Hawaii. 


From country to country, city to city, children and teachers will take a few moments on this special International Day of Peace to remember the world needs peace now more than ever! 

Join us and help spread the message to light a candle for peace, for love, for life! Register your school to sing peace. Check back and watch schools from around the world singing this song.

“Peace is what every human being is craving for, and it can be brought about by humanity through the child.” -Maria Montessori 

Children have an innate sense of peace and natural understanding of social justice that leads to change. When given freedom and guidance, children begin to learn there is an opportunity for growth and understanding through conflict.
Creating a classroom that is respectful, inclusive and celebrates diversity in all forms continues to spread the message of peace and understanding that Maria Montessori wrote about in her books and articles. 
Invite children to learn about these concepts through social emotional lessons and relationship building. From learning manners, kindness and courtesy to asking a friend to play, basic lessons will be the stepping stones for future advanced lessons about social justice and peace.
  • Paired with the mantra "Montessori is Peace Education," this Peace Dove mosaic is a constant reminder of one of the most important tenants of the philosophy. The tiles that comprise the larger picture are photos of Montessori works and other meaningful images. Add this beautiful image to your peace education area of your classroom.
  • Lessons in meditation can help children discover peace within themselves. Provide works that aid in mindful practices like the Buddha zen natural stone board. Children will love watching their brush strokes appear and disappear like magic.

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