Earth Day Activities are Here!

Earth Day Activities are Here!

Apr 12, '23
Earth Day
The month of April is the perfect time to bring lessons about the planet into your classroom. From earth science to botany and zoology, there are endless opportunities to inspire learning about the natural world this Earth Day.

Earth day is the perfect time to teach the children in your classroom about pollinators. Bees and butterflies are vital to our ecosystem and the unit can be expanded to touch upon lifecycles as well. Incorporate this unit throughout the classroom with some of our favorite works this spring.
Do you have some young seamstresses in the classroom? Add this durable beehive lacing work to your shelf this spring. This simple practice in lacing gives children three different "bee needles" that they have to properly move through the holes in the beehive. Also, undoing this work is easy for children to do, so you do have to spend time untying this work everyday!

Knobbed butterfly puzzles are a great way to introduce the concept of pollinators to young children. They can easily be manipulated by small hands. Butterfly puzzles like this layered puzzle add an extra level of complexity for your older toddlers.
Offer an even more complex puzzle with this butterfly lifecycle layered puzzle. Its perfect for the preschoolers and kindergartners in your room.

Looking for a way to jumpstart this unit with lessons at circle time? Use this Very Hungry Caterpillar Interactive Objects Book set to create an interactive experience with a well known book. Or invite participation with these beautifully made butterfly lifecycle magnets.

Incorporating this theme into the math area of the classroom is easy with the great Butterfly ten frame set. Children can practice their counting while matching butterfly figurines to the dots on each card.

Finish up the unit on bees and butterflies with a deep exploration of their lifecycles. Children will love learning how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, especially after using the interactive very hungry caterpillar work. Extend this earning through introducing the lifecycle of a bee with replicas.
Planet Earth
Throughout your studies of earth day related subjects, don't forget to include environment related topics too! 

This wooden earth puzzle is sure to be a crowd pleaser in your classroom. With big, durable pieces and vibrant imagery, this puzzle is made to last for years of classroom use.
Add some fun solar related beading work to your practical life or art shelf for Earth day too! This solar bead set comes with lesson plans as well as 1000 beads that change color when uv rays are present. It's a great way to show kids how important the sun is to our environment.

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