FREE Montessori Conference for Parents and Educators

FREE Montessori Conference for Parents and Educators

Oct 20, '22

Childhood Potential Free Montessori Conference

Dr. Montessori recognized the period of life from birth to age 6 as the absorbent mind, a time when the child is capable of soaking up the language, culture, and life around them with unconscious effort. It is the foundation for the adult the child will one day become.

As adults, we have a responsibility to prepare ourselves in how we engage and nurture the children around us to grow into happy, healthy, and empathetic humans in order to create a brighter and more peaceful future. 


This is the mission of the 5th conference, Childhood potential: Montessori for Babies and Toddlers, held from November 7th-13th, 2022.


We invite you to attend this FREE online conference to learn from expert Montessori educators, authors, trainers, parents, and consultants with 50 speakers and topics to choose from.


No matter where you may find yourself in your Montessori journey with your baby or toddler, whether you’re just starting out with questions like, 


“Why does my toddler not listen to me?” or “How do I know which toys are best for my child?” 


Or you are an experienced Montessori professional who wants to go deeper in your practice and hear about topics such as,


 “How does sleep develop in the early years?” or “How do I open a 0-3 program that works from the start?”   

This conference is for YOU!
Join us! 

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