Get Your Students on a Roll With New Rugs

Get Your Students on a Roll With New Rugs

May 3, '23
While we dive deeper into spring, it may be a good time to take a look around your classroom and see how your materials are holding up. Even with the most careful of students, baskets, trays and rugs may need an upgrade / replacement every once in a while.

In the Montessori classroom, we spend a lot of time on the floor with various activities and works. Now is the time to look at the large rugs you use for work and circle time.

Are the edges frayed beyond repair? Has the rug become stained or dirty? It may be time to invest in a nicer area rug. These ellipse rugs are built to last for years in your classroom. They are easy to spot clean, provide a line to practice walking on, and they come in big and small sizes.

Maybe your classroom has expanded and you need a few smaller rugs for different sections of the room. At Montessori N’ Such we have beautiful continent rugs that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The perimeter of the rugs displays the colors of each continent and there are a variety of children from all over the world depicted along the edge of the rug. Children will love sitting in front of a different child each day at circle time. Plus, the larger rugs have a full colored map in the center, for easy circle time lessons.

Does the rug basket drive you crazy? Do the rugs always seem to spill out no matter how carefully the children put them back? 
Investing in a rug rack could be the answer! These racks hold eight rugs are are the perfect way to organize a smaller room. The rack is narrow and can easily line up with the end of a shelf. Perfect for holding rugs made specifically for certain types of work or within a certain area of the classroom.

Because rugs are a key part to the Montessori workday, they need to be high quality. Our cotton work rug is made to last years and years of use. The weave of the rug is strong, making it easy for the rug to hold its shape when rolled up and placed in a basket.

We love adding blue rugs to the classroom. The blue color perfectly highlights some materials and it also is a simple way to add variety of choice to the work. Include small and big rugs for a variety of uses.

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