Infants are learning too! Check out the new infant products available.

Infants are learning too! Check out the new infant products available.

Aug 17, '22

"All that we ourselves are has been made by the child, by the child we were in the first two years of our lives."
- Maria Montessori

Check out this picture to picture move and match worksheet

The Infant-Toddler Years

Does any time move faster than the years from infant to toddler? 

Children in this age group seem to make strides in development every single day. One moment, they are immobile and the next they are toddling around the house. This is an important time for growth and development, and it is important to have the lessons and materials necessary to fit their wide variety of needs. 

multi-stage sensory set

Throughout the first months of a child's life, they gain information from their environment through sensory and motor development. Providing a variety of objects that are easy to clean and safe to hold are important to offer your infant. The Multi-Stage Sensory Set contains a wonderful collection of wooden toys that are made to last.

On The Move

Once a child is sitting up more regularly, it is time to incorporate toys that promote a range of movement.

Baby bell rattle

This Baby Bell Rattle rocks and rolls making a soft pleasant rattle and it easy for little hands to grasp. It can sit upright and roll on its side, leading to long periods of play and focus for your little one.

penguin wheelie

As infants begin to stand and toddle around, invite movement through the use of materials that invite gross motor actions. This penguin wheelie is bound to end up all over your house or classroom as children roll and follow the penguin as it moves.

Puzzles for Infants and Toddlers

Because infant and young toddler's hands are still learning how to grasp and hold, chunky puzzles can be a wonderful way to promote fine motor development.

Puzzles can come in a variety of forms, such as chunky pieced puzzles and big knobbed puzzles.  Change up the theme of the puzzle to add continual interest in the activity.

move the bubble activity

As children develop object permanence, shape sorters are a wonderful way to promote fine motor skills as well as problem solving skills. This wooden shape sorter is perfect for a younger toddler who is working on their shape recognition skills. Adding the wire bubble bead maze is another way to entice young learners to lengthen their focus and sharpen their problem solving skills.

This week's worksheet is a big picture small picture matching activity

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