Math Materials for All Ages

Math Materials for All Ages

Oct 18, '23

The Mathematics area of the Montessori classroom is home to some of the most inviting Montessori materials in the entire room.

The golden beads are intriguing to all ages and offer a variety of opportunities to learn. Now is a great time to give an intro to the decimal system.


Early Mathematical lessons focus on teaching a child symbol and quantity recognition. It is important to add work into the classroom that begins concrete with hands on counting materials, while slowly connecting numerical quantities to the correct mathematical symbol.

Providing tactile counting stones is a wonderful way to add a work that allows children to practice counting 1-10. Once a child is ready, introduce works that link the quantity to the symbol so the child can begin to understand the abstractions within mathematics.


For the older children in the classroom, it is important to offer mathematical works that continue to keep their interest while furthering their understanding of complex mathematical concepts. From fractions to learning addition and subtraction, there is a variety of ways to add interest to your classroom.

The snake game is a wonderful way to help children practice their mathematical operations while having fun. 


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