Now is the Perfect Time to Experience the Senses Through Nature

Now is the Perfect Time to Experience the Senses Through Nature

Apr 5, '23

Nature Walks

Springtime is the perfect time to go on nature walks with your students. As the world wakes up, there are so many things you can discover in the environment around your school.
Encourage exploration by bringing baskets and bug viewers along with you on the walk. Students will love gathering different types of nature specimens to observe. From bugs and leave to sticks and flowers, the children will love taking a closer look at the beauty of nature.

Leaves and Flowers
During the spring, the plants begin to wake up. Their leaves grow and turn a bright green as buds begin to form on the tips of branches. 

As flowers bloom, pollinators begin to fill the air with a sweet buzz. The world has woken up from its winter slumber!

As you enjoy nature walks with your students, encourage continued learning within the classroom. With the true to life leaf puzzle, students can match the leaves they find in nature to the puzzle. Or add to your students vocabulary with the felt flowers for nomenclature set.

Adding animal footprint stones to your art area is another fun way to encourage nature study within your classroom this spring. These footprint stones are versatile and can also be used for scrubbing practice in the practical life area and as a blindfolded sensory game in the sensorial area.

Wrap up your study of nature by exploring bark and wood. Trees provide us so much from the air we breathe to the structures of our homes to paper and boxes. Now is the perfect time to add this to your classroom as you talk about earth day. Teach children the importance of trees for both our society and our environment. Used these beautiful laminated Tree Bark & Grain cards to help your children identify the types of trees in your environment.

Another small unit you can explore with your students this spring is eggs!


Introduce the study of animal lifecycles with the incorporation of eggs in to the classroom. Children will love exploring what types of animals hatch from eggs and what types of animals don’t. These sensory sound eggs are a favorite at Montessori N’ Such. With unique sounds that match when shook, children will love trying to sort these eggs by sound.

Adding this sorting egg set to your shelf is yet another way to encourage learning. Add this to your classroom for all ages to practice their sorting and matching skills.

This week's worksheet is: 

 Egg Pattern Activity

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