Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles

Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles

Jan 3, '24

 While teaching the different parts of the practical life curriculum of the classroom, including puzzles on the shelf can be a great way to reinforce vocabulary learned through previous lessons. When discussing the topics of care for the environment, adding this knobbed puzzle about garden tools can help children remember new vocabulary while using a pincer grip to grab the big wooden knobs. 


Puzzles teach children how to problem solve, lengthens their ability to focus and teachers them visual discrimination and spacial awareness.

These puzzles about shapes and graduation of width can be easily related to the Sensorial curriculum.


 Do you have children practicing their numbers in the mathematics section of the classroom? Adding a number puzzle is a wonderful way to add an extension to this learning. As the children remove the pieces, they can trace the top of the number to reinforce leaning the shape of the numerals from 0-9. 

While children are learning about numbers in the mathematics area, it is important to teach them the concept of fractions. Through the use of the montessori skittles or this fraction puzzle, there are multiple fun ways to teach this abstract concept. 


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