Sharpen Your Skills With Memory Games

Sharpen Your Skills With Memory Games

May 18, '22

Memory Games

Playing memory games is not only fun for children of all ages in the Montessori classroom, they also provide an opportunity for developmental growth. Memory games can improve brain functions and lead to better retention, attention, and concentration, all while lengthening focus. They also help children identify patterns and make connections through the details of each card. This helps to nurture a child's attention to detail.


wooden memory game


The Color Match and Memory Game is a wonderful extension for the student who is working on learning the names of colors. This work has knobs to promote the development of a strong pincer grip. It is also beautifully crafted out of wood, making it a material that will last for years in the classroom.

Looking to add memory or matching games to your science shelf?

The Leaves Memory Game includes a variety of beautiful leaves printed on wooden rounds. These game pieces allow years of play and can be placed on the shelf in both the spring and fall.

Memory games come in a wide variety of subject matter and can be placed on every shelf in the classroom. Plus, it's a great way to help children learn how to take turns and play a game together. 

animal print memory game



Are you spotting more animal tracks in the muddy puddles of spring? Bring the exploration into the classroom with two animal print works. The Animal Tracks Wood Memory Set is a perfect learning opportunity that pairs well with the Animals and Footprint Sensory Stones.

This week's worksheet is a perfect parallel activity to Montessori N' Such's Number Memory Game. Expand your student's ability to recognize quantity through matching the same quantities in different patterns. This will help students learn that even if the dots look visually different, they can still equal the same amount.

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