Splash into Your Summer Planning With These Fun Activities!

Splash into Your Summer Planning With These Fun Activities!

May 25, '23
While it may not be summer quite yet, its the perfect time to begin planning your summer curriculum. In this newsletter we will highlight some of our favorite fun activities for summer!

Water Works
During the summer, many Montessori schools offer camps that have more flexible learning activities.

One simple theme you can implement? Water!


This sink and float science experiment is a great way to teach about buoyancy.  Children will love creating hypothesis’s about which items will sink and float. Add this FREE science t-chart worksheet for extra learning.
Are your tables looking messy at the moment? Why not reintroduce the table scrubbing lesson?

 Teaching children how to properly scrub and clean a table is a great practical life activity that is also loads of fun for little ones.
Another easy update to your practical life shelf is adding a new pouring vessel to your pouring work. These small handled pourers and this tea set are some of our favorites.
Sandy Explorations
The summer time reminds us of the beach. Bring the beach into the classroom with a fun and simple sand sifting work. Shells and other small items can be mixed into the sand and then sifted out with this hand sifter.
Sensory Bins
Adding a sensory bin to your shelf is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills, lengthen focus and invite imaginative play! 

When designing sensory bins, we love using this toddler sensory table. The height of the table is perfect for toddlers, and the plastic bins are easy to remove and clean as they get used. dish pans as a vessel. Love the idea of a sensory bin but don't have space for the whole table? These bins are large enough to contain the mess, but easy enough to be carried around. We have them in both blue and clear / white, so it's easy to switch them out for cleaning or to coincide with different themes.
We have a variety of sand that you can use in everything from sensory bins to practical life. Check out all of our colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and White!
Another fun sand activity is sand pouring! Children learn how to use a funnel and carefully pour sand into unique bottles.
Check out this week's worksheet: A Summer Themed Cutting Work!

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