Spoons, Scoops, Knives and Food Preparation Kits for your Practical Life Shelves

Spoons, Scoops, Knives and Food Preparation Kits for your Practical Life Shelves

Jun 8, '22

As the school year comes to a close, it's time to take an inventory of your classroom supplies. Let's talk about simple upgrades and variations you can add to your classroom stock to make lesson planning a breeze.

Bowls for Every Occasion

Montessori teachers are professionals at finding the right tools and bowls for every work in their classroom. Every teacher can relate to the feeling of trying to find just the right bowl for the work they are creating.


wooden bowl


Adding unique bowls to your collection is a great way to automatically add a new interest to a work on the shelf. Bowls made of glass and wood offer a materialistic interest. Plus, the fragile nature of the glass bowl teaches children how to carry the work with care.


blue flower bowl


This Glass Blue Translucent Flower Bowl is the perfect way to jazz up a work. Pair it with small stones or shells for a summer activity.

Scoops and Spoons

Every Montessori teacher has gone through the struggle of finding just the right type of spoon or scoop for a new work. Simplify this process by gathering a wide range of spoons, scoops and transferring tools for your classroom today.




Finding spoons that fit into a child's hand can be a challenge. Plus, the spoons have to be deep enough to pick up the item needing to be transferred. Include small ladles, metal spoons, and porcelain spoons into your collection now.


stone spoons


Add a variety of interest to your scooping work with tumbled stone spoons and scalloped spoons. Children will naturally gravitate towards the work with the simple interest of observing the spoons in greater detail.

This Week's Young Chef Skill: Cheese Slicing

Do the children in your class love eating cheese? Cheese is often a favorite snack for toddlers and preschoolers alike, so why not invite them in the preparation?

cheese slicing kit

Cheese slicing is a fun activity to add to your practical life shelf or to leave on the snack shelf. Using slicer provided, children can easily cut perfect slices for each cracker. Then they can practice their grace and courtesy skills by offering a cracker with cheese to their friends.

Just remind your students not to sample any snacks before offering them to a friend!  

apple slicer

Love the work but only need a few parts of the activity?

Our site has both the complete food preparation sets as well as the ability to simply buy the tools you need for your specific classroom. So whether you would prefer just a part or the whole set, you can make the choice that works best for your environment.

Check out whats available on our Food Preparation and Practical Life Page.

This week's worksheet can be used in parallel with the cheese slicing work. Its a set of step by step food preparation cards!

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