Spring Is In The Air!

Spring Is In The Air!

Mar 16, '22

Spring is right around the corner! This week’s newsletter is all about the beginning of spring and the changing of seasons.

Spring Is In The Air

The clocks have sprung forward and the animals and plants are beginning to show true signs of the season of spring. In ponds all over the country, animals are waking up from hibernation and plants are beginning to spread their roots and seeds.

Invite the children in your classroom to explore what happens in a pond during the springtime. Using this 3-D Pond Life and Habitat Felt Set is an easy way to add visuals to the discussion at circle time. Through this work, children can explore the life cycles of a frog and use the Velcro backed felt pieces to create their own story of life in a pond.

For the botanists in the group, adding the 3-D Flowers felt set is a wonderful addition to learning all about flowering plants. This work aids in the naming and identification of ten common flowers, such as a tulip, rose, sunflower, and daffodil.

Looking for some more ways to add invitations of spring exploration?

Try these three simple lesson ideas:

  1. Observing Nature. During playtime, invite children to explore nature by
    gathering leaves, seeds, rocks and other items from nature in a wooden bowl. These items can be returned immediately to nature after playtime, or can be added to the science shelf for further observation during work time. Provide children with magnifying glasses / bug viewers and magnifying glass with stand to give them a unique perspective on the natural item being observed. 

  2. Counting Stones. Add extensions to your math shelf with natural numeration works such as these Tactile Counting Stones and Ladybug Stones. Both sets offer hands-on counting practice and can easily sit on your math shelf in a basket.  
  3. Planting Seeds. Now is a great time to plant beans and seeds in the 
    classroom. Use a Plant and Grow Set to help monitor, care, and observe the plants as they grow. Beans are an easy seed to grow in the classroom and can be planted in a garden once their roots are strong.

This week’s worksheet is a science journal. This journal gives children multiple ways to document what they observe as they discover the signs of spring. These pages can be easily bound together into a book and stored in the classroom to provide children access to their science journals throughout the day.

P.S… Add a little green to your shelves for Saint Patrick’s day and spring through this St. Patrick’s Day pouring set and smaller green trays.

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