The Organization Your Classroom is Craving in the New Year!

The Organization Your Classroom is Craving in the New Year!

Jan 6, '23

The New Year Organization:

As the new year begins, its the perfect time to recharge and reorganize your space. Whether it's a playroom, classroom, or homeschool, trays and baskets are the perfect way to bring organization to your life in the new year.

Trays are essential to organize all the wonderful new toys. Editing and placing new things on trays make cleaning up and putting things away easier for a young child. Do you have the trays and baskets you need? 


Have you been looking for the perfect tray for pencils and markers? This Color pencil wooden box  holds all styluses, pencils and pens with ease. It is the perfect box to add simplicity while organizing your shelves.

After a lot of daily use in the classroom, wooden trays can begin to break. Replace old broken trays with new Birch Hardwood Trays. These large trays are made to last you for years of use in your home and classroom.


Create Colorful Shelves in 2023

When reorganizing the classroom in the new year, bring interest back to the work by using colored trays. Colored plastic trays can be used to help children learn how to organize and recognize patterns in their environment. Use a different color for each shelf to make it easier for children to remember where every work goes.

At Montessori N’ Such, we have a large variety of colored trays in big and small. If you are beginning to run out of space, use this handy Tray holding wooden container. This container makes keeping a tidy shelf a breeze.

For young members of the classroom, adding the Sand Writing/ Drawing tray can be a wonderful way to teach children how to hold and carry a tray. The sand in the box adds a slight weight to the work, making it an easy choice for children while they develop their fine motor and gross motor skills. Plus, when adding the drawing cards, children can refine their fine motor skills and prepare themselves for future writing endeavors.

Baskets are also a lovey way to add variety and interest to a shelf. Replace broken baskets with these sets and add a couple wooden handled baskets to the mix. The wooden handles provide structural stability and longevity to baskets that are used by many hands daily.

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