The Right Tool for the Right Task

The Right Tool for the Right Task

Apr 1, '22

As classrooms edge closer and closer towards normal operation, we can welcome back some classic favorites of the Montessori classroom, like the Food Preparation curriculum.

The Right Tool for the Right Task

When preparing work for the shelves of a Montessori classroom, it is important 

to have the right tools for the lesson. In the practical life area of the classroom, this means teachers must test every spoon, whisk, nut cracker tong, knife, banana slicer colander or peeler before placing it on the shelf. They also must ask the question: “Can a child use this tool independently?”

Children must be able to use the tools set out for them with guidance and practice. After a lesson, a child should be able to work independently as they practice the skills of peeling, cutting, grating, and preparing food.

Here are a few things to think about when setting up a Food Preparation work for the practical life shelf:
  1. Is the tray with all of its contents light enough for a child to carry it to their table?
    If the tray is too heavy, try to exchange some of the items for lighter items and tools.
  2. Are the utensils used for the task the correct size for a child’s hand?
    All knives, graters, and other kitchen utensils should be the proper size for a child’s hand. They should be able to use the tool with minimum force. 
  3. Does the tray have the necessary items to help the child set up their workspace and tidy it up after they are done?
    Adding items like a placemat, apron, or sponge can all aid in the child’s ability to complete a full work cycle when using the work.
  4. Are any items broken or chipped?
    All work on the Montessori shelf should be in beautiful and perfect condition. If a bowl chips or breaks, it should be replaced with a new one that is safe for the child to use.

Food Preparation Kits
Not enough time to set up new works for the shelf? Try adding the Banana Cutting and Serving Set or the Mini Flour Sifter for your next shelf changeover. Adding this Fruit Puzzle Tray and Cutting Board can also be a fun extension work to add to the food preparation area of the classroom.

This week’s worksheet is a plant and animal sorting lesson.

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