The Seven Continents

The Seven Continents

Aug 2, '23

As we edge closer to the new school year, early geography lessons become top of mind. This week we dive into all things geography with a focus on the Seven Continents.

Land and Water

When giving early geography lessons in the classroom, it is first important to touch upon the lesson of land and water. 

Using a the first Montessori sandpaper globe, invite the children to join you at circle. Give a simple lesson on the difference between land and water. 

Some topics of discussion could be about the types of activities that can occur on land, air and water, or what types of animals live in each of the three categories.

Then, pass around the globe and ask the children to say out loud what their thumbs land on: water or land. This game will be loved by the entire room as each child will have a different answer.

Once the children are knowledgeable about land and water, move on to studying the seven continents.

The Seven Continents 

In a Montessori lesson, it is always important to begin with a concrete topic and move slowly towards a more abstract concept. Therefore, you should begin teaching geography by relating location to where the child is. For example, if the classroom is located in California, the first continent you study should be North America. This helps children classify their location as they begin to expand their knowledge of the globe. 
Introducing the continents can include some fun continent songs or a game on this continent rug.
After the children have begun to recognize the color and location of each continent, invite two children to stand up and choose a continent to stand or sit on. Once they have made their choice, call upon another student to say which continent they chose. If the child guesses right, they have the chance to choose a continent next.

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