Three Part Cards and Objects Built to Last Years of Learning

Three Part Cards and Objects Built to Last Years of Learning

Oct 20, '22
"Grown-ups and children must join their forces. In order to become great, the grown-up must become humble and learn from the child."
-Maria Montessori

Three Part Cards

The Montessori three part cards can be used in a variety of ways and their use is dependent on the age and skill level of the child being taught. From Geography and Geometry to Zoology and Anatomy, there is a wide range of subjects that can be taught through the use of three part cards.

Around the world landmark and 3 part cards

For the younger aged group in the classroom, three part cards can be a wonderful way to practice vocabulary. They also allow you to teach the child how to match match objects with pictures or pictures to pictures.

Human Organs Miniatures and three part cards

Once a child has reached the 3-6 age group, three part cards can be used in a broader sense. Some activities you can work on with the child are matching pictures to words, matching images, matching words and memory.

toold miniatures and 3 part cards

Including fun objects along with the cards adds a natural interest to the work. This three part card set with tools is sure to be used to "fix" the classroom as children learn the names of each of these popular tools.

Animal 3 part cards

Finally, once a child is older, three part cards promote learning the names and definitions of things, matching the images, objects and words to each other, as well as promoting a deeper understanding of the subject at hand.

3 part card shapes

Three part cards can also be used independently at this stage and sometimes with early readers as well. Which can be a wonderful way to encourage longer period of focused learning.

This week's worksheet is a pumpkin skip counting activity.

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