Toddlers are Some of the Busiest Learners

Toddlers are Some of the Busiest Learners

Feb 24, '22

Toddlers are some of the busiest learners in the primary classroom. Help them learn the skills they need to become successful members of your classroom through practical life and sensorial lessons.

Care of Self: Toddler Lessons

Toddlers are fascinated by the little and big things they observe daily in their environment. Often, they need help learning how to take care of themselves independently. Foster this growth through various opportunities in the classroom.

This set of Nest & Dress Skills Cloth Dolls are an exciting way for toddlers to practice their skills at the various fasteners they will come across when getting dressed. The dolls all have different fasteners to practice, from zippers and buttons to ties and Velcro. The dolls also nest within each other, leading to imaginative play and endless exploration and sorting activities. This work is a wonderful extension to the dressing frames in your classroom.

Caring for oneself also includes preparing for the work one is about to perform. Teaching toddlers how to properly put an apron on and off is a great way for them to learn how to care for their clothes. Aprons are great for working at the easel, but should also be incorporated into other works within the classroom.

For example, a work with a water element like the Scrubbing  Work Kit is a great one to add an apron to. An apron will help the child learn the importance of preparation for a job as well as learn how to take care of their clothes and bodies while learning. Plus, there are a variety of colors to choose from, making it easy to visually pair an apron to its work.

Care of Environment: Toddler Lessons
Yet another part of the practical life curriculum that you can easily incorporate into the classroom for toddlers is caring for the environment. Brooms, brushes and dustpans are easy things to use for spills and messes. Toddlers will love to be called on to help clean up the messes of others and these items are often a popular go to for clean up time.

For more advanced care of the environment curriculum, add the Table Setting Kit to your shelf. Through this lesson, students learn how to properly set the table for a meal. Later, children can use these skills when setting up the environment for a party, celebration, or just as daily practice for lunch.

This week’s worksheet is a variety of beautiful paper strips to add to your scissor cutting area. These strips have pictures that are perfect for late February and early March.

Check out the Toddler Collection. 

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