Unique Valentine's Day Works to Add to Your Shelf

Unique Valentine's Day Works to Add to Your Shelf

Feb 1, '23

Valentines Day 

When talking about the holiday of Valentine's day, it is important to draw parallels to some of the most important aspects of practical life curriculum in the classroom: helping children understand how to treat others, care for themselves, and take care of their environment. 

As social and emotional conflicts arise in the classroom, it is important to teach children how to properly solve their conflicts in a kind and respectful manner. All children should feel safe and cared for in their classroom and should truly feel excited to enter the classroom each day.

At times these lessons may need to become a larger lesson during circle time. Providing children with objects that help them focus in large groups like the mini maze mat can aid in active listening while you discuss ways to resolve social conflicts as a group.

Encourage continued fine motor practice in the classroom with the introduction of new Valentines Day themed work. Beautifully colored gemstones and a thoughtfully selected heart spoon makes these works both inviting and unique on the practical life shelf.

Pair the scooping work with a heart tonging kit for an added fine motor practice on the shelf. These translucent red hearts are fun to look at and the small tongs are perfect for small hands.

Sorting and pouring works are another important activity to change up on the shelf. This could be done easily with the looks like glass sand pouring kit and glitter heart sorting work. They are themed for valentines day and can easily be used with a variety of other colors of sand or objects to sort for easy future updates.


This week's worksheet is a conversation heart sort and count activity.

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