Ways to Broaden the Cultural Studies Curriculum in Your Environment

Ways to Broaden the Cultural Studies Curriculum in Your Environment

Apr 28, '22

This week we will talk about incorporating a variety of cultures and the stories of people into the Montessori classroom.

Learning Culture Through Books 

It is important to include books in the Montessori classroom that expose the child to a variety of cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles. There are endless books available online, so how do you choose ones that are appropriate for your classroom?

Here are some tips for choosing better and more diverse books for your classroom:

  1. Interested in buying a new book for your classroom? Check the book out at a library first and read it prior to teaching it. Titles and pictures on a children's book can be misleading at times. Make sure to always read the book first before discovering it is not a good fit at story time. Make sure to provide a variety of topics for your students to explore.

  2. Another important goal is to provide books of all reading levels in your classroom. Every classroom library should have a variety of books that include text and no text so every child can choose one that speaks to them. We are constantly updating our library on the site, so be sure to check our current book offerings here.

  3.  Lastly, think about updating your teaching resources. It can be easy to repeat curriculum in the classroom after years of teaching the same subject. Diversify your phonics curriculum with Monarch Phonics Readers.

    These books are decodable for early readers and are organized into five levels. Plus, they are illustrated and written in a way that mirrors the lives of children while helping them see the beauty in the world around them. They were also written by two Montessori teachers.

Lessons that Focus on People

Extend the focus of the library through the classroom by providing opportunities for children to play with people figurines and works. Wooden dolls are a beautiful and simple addition to the Montessori classroom.


This Dollhouse Motor Home and Family Set is inviting and offers a simple representation of alternative living styles. Plus, it is a doll house and vehicle all in one, so a variety of children will be drawn to this form of free play. It can sit perfectly next to other forms of wooden blocks and free play invitations like this Construction Site Block Set.

Looking to add a doll set to your cultural or practical life shelves? This Nest and Dress Skills Cloth Dolls set is perfect to help little hands learn new fastening skills in the practical life area. And a Matryoshka: Little Japanese Kokeshi nesting doll set is a wonderful addition to your future Japanese focused curriculum.


This week's worksheet is a self portrait. While we are focusing on people and cultures, it can be a good time for students to do reflective work, like sharing stories and creating self portraits.

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