Dig In to Botany Studies With These Fruit and Veggie Lessons!

Dig In to Botany Studies With These Fruit and Veggie Lessons!

May 17, '23
Spring is the perfect time to plant a garden and explore some topics within the botany realm of the Montessori curriculum.

One way to explore botany is through planting a garden. Hands on experience with digging in the dirt, planting and caring for fruits and vegetables is a great way for children to not only learn how to care for a plant, but also about food education. Helping children understand where food comes from inspires them to try new foods in the kitchen. We love these garden gloves for jobs that are extra dirty in the garden.

No room at your school for a garden? No problem. You can still encourage learning about seeds and plants with this lovely eco friendly greenhouse. This set comes with a clear top that allows sun to warm up the seeds and promote propagation. 
Fruit and Veggie Lessons for The Entire Classroom
Encourage plant learning throughout the entire classroom with some of our favorite fruit and vegetable themes works this spring.
Fruit and vegetable sorting is a great way to boost vocabulary and promote classification skills in the classroom. Both the veggie sorting work and the fruit sorting work are great works that make lesson planning easy this month.

Once children have deeply explored with one set, simply switch it out on the shelf for the next set. Your students will love the variety of objects to sort. For an extra challenge, invite a child to mix both sets and sort the entire group of fruits and veggie objects.

Have some toddlers in your classroom? Invite them to try their hand at this fruit cutting work. This beautifully designed wooden set is a great activity to help young children practice the fine motor movements needed for food preparation.

Spice up your food preparation and snack area this spring with some of our favorite fruit and veggie themed accessories. This berry colander is as cute as it is functional. It will quickly become your go-to when berries are on the menu.
Have some fresh veggies from the garden that need a good scrub? Keep the activity on theme with this handy veggie scrub brush. The small size is perfect for small hands!

Bring the lesson home with a vocabulary lesson at circle. These felt vegetables are a great way to spark conversations while reading books or teaching deeper botany lessons at circle time!
And finally enjoy a fun game of "Who Am I?" at circle time. This game is easy to set up, learn, and play. Its our free worksheet for the week and we include both a picture and word version! Simply cut out and laminate the cards and place them into the apple basket. Invite the children to try to guess which fruit or vegetable you are with only clues!
"Who Am I?" - Fruits and Vegetables Cut and Create Work 

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