Language Kits to Support Phonics, Reading and Writing

Language Kits to Support Phonics, Reading and Writing

Sep 27, '23

Language Kits to Support Phonetic Learning

You have been back to school for a few weeks, or for some over a month. 

Now is the time to plan and evaluate your language area of your classroom. Language kits make lesson planning easy throughout the year by providing complete sets with a variety of objects.

From early language sets like beginning sounds to advanced blending lessons, our language kits provide unique objects that are perfect for the diverse group of language learners in your classroom. 

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 Pre-Writing Activities to Support Fine Motor Skills

Pre-writers will gravitate towards sensorial explorations at the beginning of the school year. Offering children inviting tactile early writing activities will help them lengthen their focus while practicing the fine motor movements needed to become a successful writer.

Two favorite activities are the sand writing tray and the buddha board. From drawing zig zags to tracing the shapes of letters, little hands will love the sensory input of these lessons. These works will sure to be off the shelf throughout the morning work period.

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Phonetic Readers 

Have some early readers in the classroom this year? 

Monarch Phonics Readers are a wonderful addition to your classroom. With a wide range of interesting story topics, these readers are sure to interest any level reader this fall.

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