Free Life Cycle and Parts of an Apple Printables

Free Life Cycle and Parts of an Apple Printables

Oct 6, '23

Celebrate the Fall with these Apple Lessons

*Free Printables found at the end of this article. 

As we begin the season of fall, we can expect shorter days, cooler nights and the telltale signs of the changing seasons. Pumpkins are ripening, leaves are falling and apples are ready for picking! Incorporate the theme of fall into your classroom.
Now is the perfect time to add food preparation to your classroom environment. Through focused lessons from teachers, children can learn important skills with toddler safe knives. Children will love cutting and creating snacks and sharing snacks with others. 

Apple tasting is the perfect opportunity for children to use their senses. Choose apples with different flavor notes such as red delicious apples will be sweeter while, a granny smith apples will be sour. Give children the first apple and have them smell and taste the apple then have them describe the taste before tasting the second apple. 

This is the perfect opportunity to teach them vocabulary words such as: tangy, sweet, sour, juicy, crisp, soft and crunchy. Continue to add apple themed activities to your science and math shelves to keep the discovery going.



Add scientific discovery of apples to your science shelf.

Free Apple Life Cycle Printable

Free Parts of an Apple Activity Sheet


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